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Beeston & District Local History Society

 Narrow Marsh
Alan Dance   2008

Price £6.99*

An historical novel set in early 19th century Nottingham, an era of poverty and bitter social unrest, especially for the framework knitters of Narrow Marsh.

Beating the Invader
Beeston & Chilwell in WW2, and the Floods

Judith Church  

Price £5*

Wartime stories and pictures.
The 1947 floods in pictures and stories.

Julia Powell  2016

First 400 sold out. Now reprinted!

A collection of life experiences during the 1940s and 50s from a range of folk living in Attenborough, Beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote, Toton, Stapleford, Sandiacre and Long Eaton. These vary from the tale of a teenage boy, who drove a butcher’s delivery van in wartime to a seven year old, off to school on her own in thick snow, with no chance of cancelled lessons or crossing wardens! There are recollections of the joys of shopping, before the advent of supermarkets, the ‘sixpenny rush’ and halcyon days at Mablethorpe.

Price £7.99.
Available at Waterstones, Nottingham, Heaps of Long Eaton

Many of the above items are available to purchase at our meetings. They are all also available by post.

Leen Times

Alan Dance   2011


Price £7.99*


The dramatic sequel to Narrow Marsh. A fast-moving story of retribution, radical politics and criminal conspiracies in the Nottingham of the 1820s and 1830s.








The Chilwell Ghost – A New Investigation

Alan Dance  1998

Price £4.99*

Read the true story of Chilwell’s most famous legend: the haunted house and the murder believed to have been committed there.


Toton Revealed

Rex Wyatt and Gillian Morral 2012

A collection of memories, photographs and research.

Price £8.00



Julia Powell. 2019


Introducing this third collection of reminiscences from local folk. Included are tales from pre, mid and post WWII, wartime capers, thirties to seventies schooldays, 1946-47 Sawley floods and food parcels, plus recollections of local shops and businesses long gone but fondly remembered.

Do you remember the Paul Warmer, Miss Watson’s geese, watercress at Wilne and garden parties at Attewell House?

Were you a member of Long Eaton Weight Lifting Club?

Did you attend local carnivals, buy ice cream wafers served from an aluminium holder and drink Carter’s ‘pop’?

You can read about these and many more stories from local residents in this book.


Price £10.00.  Now available from Heaps Stationers, Main Street, Long Eaton or call 07804 942589.             


Carole White. 2012. Reprinted 2019

An everyday story of The Rylands Community featuring items and stories about Beeston Canal, The River Trent, missions and church halls, flooding, Sea Scouts, wartime, employment, social and sporting events, the railway station, school life, local celebrities, memories and more.

Available from the History Society and The Canalside Heritage Centre Price £8.00